What are people saying about the course “Advanced Rehabilitation for the Acute/Subacute Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Patient”?

“Excellent pulmonary Section, I learned a lot.”

“Absolutely LOVED the class, enjoyed the instruction style and attitude. Fun labs, practical! Thank you for all that you do.”

“Enjoyed the small classroom setting. The material is very applicable to my service/job. Instructor is very knowledgeable and explained material in different ways/methods, and was good at keeping the class entertained.”

“Thank you very much for hosting this course. Very informative, but most of all inspirational. It made me think more of the importance of the science behind what we do and what more we can ask for.”

Course was very thorough, engaging and I learned a lot”

“Appreciate the clinical insights along with lecture material”

“For my first ConEd course, this was awesome. I hope my future courses live up to this one”

“Thank you for a wonderful course”

“Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. Very excited to implement this information into my own practice”

“Very good info. Glad I took the class!”

“Excellent and practical course. I can definitely apply information in my practice. Morgan made herself available to speak during breaks which was very helpful!”

“Great course! Lots of treatment ideas and good analogies on how to explain things to patients. I’ll definitely recommend this course to others!”

“Getting exercise programs was helpful. Examples of applying knowledge or application in variety of settings. Extremely knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Understand importance of background information which is difficult material and necessary. Enjoyed lab and videos.”