Research Project Mentoring

Usually with research projects, when the person knows what they want to do for their project, then they only need 2-3 hours of mentoring. Meetings are conducted on the phone or on a web conference. Meeting dates and times are determined by both you and the Good Heart Education Mentor.

Recommended times to meet:

  1. Before starting the project: we meet initially to make sure you have selected a good topic, you are setting up your research parameters/tool for measurement and data collection properly.
  2. After data collection: we meet to discuss your data/results, ensure you have picked the right statistical test to answer your question, and to talk about what you should include in your discussion section.
  3. After writing your abstract/paper: you send Good Heart Education the written abstract or paper (if you plan to submit your research to a journal) and your mentor will assist you with editing. We will also discuss how you are going to disseminate your findings (dissemination of results is required by the CVP Specialty Council in order for your project to meet the requirements to sit for the CCS).


Fees are paid by the hour. $45 per hour for direct mentoring services completed by phone or web conference.


If you find that you want more mentoring:

  • The price drops to $30 per hour for 4-6 one-hour phone or web conferences – or –
  • A flat fee of $200 for unlimited mentoring throughout the process.


Keep in mind that you must show the CVP Specialty Council that you have completed all the steps yourself, Good Heart Education provides advice, checks your work and guides you on next steps.


*** Good Heart Education will always revert to the most economical plan, so if you find you need more help than expected after you get started, we can always change to another plan. In the end you will pay the least of the 3 options depending on how many hours you require.